Neil deGrasse Tyson Reminds Us Why Smoking Weed in Space Is a Bad Idea

All space travelers get high — around 240 miles (385 kilometers) higher than the planet’s surface, on the off chance that they’re working on board the International Space Station.

Be that as it may, no space explorers get stoned … at any rate, gathered. There are a lot of valid justifications for that. For all intents and purposes, starting up a fire in the oxygen-rich condition of a space station could result in hungry chunks of fire spreading toward each path that there’s fuel to consume. (Researchers and stoners can concur: That’s a genuine buzzkill.)

However, sudden ignition aside, there are other wellbeing dangers related with getting high in a requesting microgravity condition — reasons that Neil deGrasse Tyson, the most celebrated mustache in astronomy, as of late clarified in a meeting with a newspaper columnist who asked what it resembles to smoke weed in space.


“The issue is, in space now, numerous things will execute you,” Tyson revealed to TMZ columnists in a meeting. “In this way, on the off chance that you successfully change your comprehension of what is the truth, that is not in light of a legitimate concern for your wellbeing. On the off chance that you need to get high in space, secure yourself your lodge, and don’t turn out. ‘Cause you could break stuff incidentally.”

NASA, for one, has gone out on a limb of weed-actuated “breaking stuff” truly for a very long while. On account of an official request marked by then-President Ronald Reagan, NASA has been a medication free work environment since 1986, which means all representatives are illegal from utilizing recreational medications whether on or taking a break. Notwithstanding accepting pre-work sedate screenings for hints of cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines and different other unlawful substances, space explorers experience intermittent irregular medication screenings to fulfill government directions and ensure despite everything they have the notorious right stuff.

The point came up after the columnist got some information about very rich person space business visionary Elon Musk enduring a shot of weed amid a recorded meeting with TV character and digital broadcast have Joe Rogan. Musk, whose spaceflight organization SpaceX contracts with the U.S. Aviation based armed forces, is purportedly being researched via Air Force authorities for his utilization of the medication.

“Give the man a chance to get high in the event that he needs to get high,” Tyson told TMZ. “He’s the best thing we’ve had since Thomas Edison.”

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